Powered By Pistachios

August 26, 2019.  We sometimes work together in a library with pistachios, laptops, and phones. Most of the time we are messaging each other endlessly from four points around the Bay. But this is how we work. We, five women and one guy (not pictured, but there in spirit) designing a tool that we believe in. 

What we are building solves a persistent problem for education organizations — how to fundraise in a fund constrained world. Nonprofits are competing for the same pot of dollars, for the same individual donors. They need a new way, something that breaks the mold of annual campaigns and cultivation. 

Raiizz does that. Organizations instantly launch a marketplace on the Raiizz mobile app where their members and supporters can buy and sell items, donating a portion of their sales. It’s an ongoing stream of revenue. The beauty part: it taps into a robust resale market and movement. Good for kids, good for the planet. 

Back at the library…our task was to check on how app development was progressing. While we wait for this cool and empowering tool, we needed to figure out an interim solution for our pilot – a group of school folks brave enough to test our idea.  Stay tuned as we keep moving forward…


Story Time, All the Time

July 25, 2019.  Welcome to our Stories page. As we get closer to making Raiizz a reality in our FIRST SCHOOL, we can’t wait to share our triumphs and (funny?) stumbles with you. As makers, we take pride in our crafts – whether we’re sewing, building, filming, painting, or coding. So, believe us when we say it’s hard to put something out there that’s a work in progress like the Raiizz app, Phase One! But, that’s the definition of prototyping. Put it out, get feedback, head back to the lab (library, living room, parking lot, wherever this team happens to gather depending on calendars, traffic, and celebrations). Here goes, World!