About Us

What is Raiizz?

Raiizz is an online fundraising marketplace supporting schools and nonprofits. Founded and owned by minority women, passionate about education and environmental sustainability, our innovative platform promotes community-wide involvement by enabling donors to buy or sell pre-owned items to benefit registered nonprofits.

Raiizz’s easy-to-use application provides users with the opportunity to recycle goods such as clothes, books, toys, sports equipment, electronics, or furniture while decluttering or downsizing their homes. Sellers have the option of donating all or a portion of the proceeds and may be eligible for a corresponding charitable deduction.

Vision: Coming together as a community to promote sustainable practices and fund education for all.

Mission: Providing an online fundraising marketplace for selling pre-owned items in support of schools and education-based nonprofits.

Who are we?

We are a team of Bay Area-based parents, designers, techies and activists passionate about our kids, neighbors, and the mother earth.  We look forward to see you on Raiizz!

Our Story

We wondered, when it comes to children education, why are we behind most developed countries? As the world’s richest country, shouldn’t we be the number ONE?

We wanted to provide our children with access to better education and more resources for their future success. So we built a marketplace for quality pre-owned items.

We figured everyone has at least one item in their closets, garages, or yards that they no longer need. Why not sell those items to someone who needs them and share the proceeds with an education nonprofit. helping with educating kids? This way everyone wins, the kids, the planet, and even the seller.

Raiizz will help you declutter your life by selling your unwanted items and giving back to your community as well as helping save our planet.

Our Team

Rada Zarandian


Alice Goldstein

Marketing and Outreach Specialist

Joseph O’Connor

VP Engineering

Hana Azim


Jessica Westmont

Digital Marketing

Raiizz Community Leadership Program

Anicia Teaupa

High School Senior
Pacifica, California

Morgan Cook

High School Senior
Cupertino, California

Nadia Nazar

High School Senior
Hillsborough, California

Nishitha Pinninty

High School Senior
San Mateo, California


Ann Girard

Sr. Advisor

Reena Jadhav


Gurdeep S. Sidhu


Mojdeh Marashi

Founder Emeritus

Why should you and your organization join Raiizz?

Ongoing additional income for your education nonprofit
Minimum time and effort for parents and other supporters – just post items and hand them off to your buyer
Strengthens your community by bringing buyers and sellers together
Easy and fast onboarding for your organization and users
Complements other ongoing fundraising efforts
Helps the environment by encouraging reuse/resale

We are proud to have been accepted in Tech Futures Group (TFG), a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) program focusing exclusively on advising qualified technology clients located in the NorCal SBDC network.

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